August 30 , 2021

Law News – Labour Law Department – July 2021 Constitutional Court Judgment number 140/2021, of 12 July, corrects the dictum of Supreme Court Judgment number 699/2018, of 2 July, which excluded the possibility of reviewing the reasons justifying a collective redundancy (Expediente de Regulación de Empleo or ERE) through individual proceedings ...

July 19 , 2021

Law News – Labour Law Department – July 2021 Law 10/2021, of 9 July, on remote working (“Law 10/2021”), which replaces Royal Decree-Law 28/2020, of 22 September, on remote working (which we commented on in our AJ of 24 September 2020). The rule came into force the day after its publication in the Official State […]

April 8 , 2021

Law News – Tax Law Department – April 2021 The Firm has produced a list of the main impacts that COVID-19 will have on personal income tax self-assessment for 2020, the campaign for which begins tomorrow, 7 April, and which will affect, above all, the self-employed, tenants, workers subject to Temporary Regulation of Employment Plans […]

March 11 , 2021

Investment in capital companies by spouses in a marriage under an economic regime where marital property is held in common is a source of legal disagreement and dispute. Recent Supreme Court judgment 158/2020 of 3 February 2020 addresses the issue of whether the profits obtained by a company that have not been distributed as dividends, […]

March 4 , 2021

Law News – Labour Law Department – March 2021 In the current state of the Covid-SARS pandemic one of the most common issues that has been raised all around us, both nationally and internationally, is the issue of vaccination. And, from an employment perspective, among the many doubts raised regarding this issue is whether a […]