Head of the Tax Law Department Partner



The area of Tax Law provides companies with specialized advice on tax planning in acquisitions and sales of enterprises and in restructuring transactions.

In addition, the Firm provides advice regarding foreign investments in Spain and on Spanish investments abroad.

In financial-tax matters, this department also offers extensive experience, particularly in financing transactions.

The Firm also provides services to individuals in order to achieve an advantageous tax system by restructuring and tax planning of assets, including the field of successions, especially emphasizing its experience in international tax planning.

As well as this counselling in transactions, the solicitors in the tax area provide on-going advice to clients on tax matters, helping to facilitate the provision of advice in future complex operations.

The tax department also specializes in acting as representatives of taxpayers in tax inspections and procedures.

General taxation.
Taxation of restructuring transactions.
Financial and insurance taxation.
Real Estate operations.
International taxation.
Asset restructuring.
Inheritance tax planning.
Tax inspections.
Tax procedures.
Dispute procedures.