We defend our principles and ethical standards.

We honestly express our own limitations when performing a job and are able to recognize our true individual contribution to the collective work.

In case of any problems, we give an opinion that does not contradict internally what we believe.


We give adequate importance to the work, but we know that it is not the sole important feature. We trust the people making up this team and we are faithful and honourable to them by seeking the common good. We give our honest opinion about what should be changed or improved in ESCALONA & DE FUENTES.


Our professional ethics commits us to give our clients: high quality at reasonable prices and the best possible humane treatment; this is the way to make them to trust us.

That is why, in accordance with our Code of Conduct, every member of the firm undertakes to strictly comply with a series of rules based on principles that inspire and govern our professional activity, both internally and externally, with third parties and with clients in general.

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