July 28 , 2022

Law News – Labour Law Department – July 2022 Law 15/2022, of 12 July, comprehensive for equal treatment and non-discrimination, is a new law in force since 14 July that protects the right to equal treatment and non-discrimination in certain areas of political, economic, cultural and social life. Insofar as the workplace is concerned, the ...

July 12 , 2022

Law News – Labour Law Department – July 2022 Law 12/2022, of 30 June, on the Regulations for Promoting Occupational Pension Plans, amending Law 1/2002 on Pension Plans and Funds, has been published in the Official State Gazette on 1 July 2022. The regulation incorporates two novelties (i) open public promotion occupational pension funds ...

April 4 , 2022

Law News – Labour Law Department – March 2022 On 30 March 2022, Royal Decree-Law 6/2022, of 29 March, was published in the Official State Gazette, adopting urgent measures within the framework of the National Plan to respond to the economic and social consequences of the war in Ukraine (“RD-L 6/22”). It came into force […]

January 31 , 2022

Law News – Tax Law Department – January 2022 By a formal letter of notice dated 20 November 2015, the European Commission warned the Spanish authorities of the incompatibility with European Union law of certain aspects relating to the obligation imposed on residents in Spain to declare their assets or rights located abroad through what […]

January 4 , 2022

Law News – Labour Law Department – January 2022 On 30 December 2021, Royal Decree-Law 32/2021, of 28 December, on urgent measures for reforming the employment relationship, guaranteeing stability in employment and the transformation of the employment market (“RD-L 32/21”), in order to reform certain provisions of the Statute of ...